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Real life comes first, Runescape is just a game

Clan started by friends that have been made on runescape and friends still to be found, looking for an oasis away from the craziness of rs and rl. Mostly a skilling clan but at the end of the day you can play however you want.

We look forward to welcoming all types of players especially new and returning players, we will happily ease you in gently to this vast game.

We are here to support each other and have a relaxed friendly chat about game and life in general. We are an adult clan any levels F2P or P2P. All we ask is that you are respectful and without attitude. (preferably without using bad language ).:O

We have no clan requirements as we understand that Real Life is important and Runescape is just a game to escape the stresses of Real life although we would appreciate help with the citadel even if it's just to pop in and out just to make up the numbers while we are still growing. We are finally Tier 7 so ignore the last bit unless you want some awesome free xp. Thank you. :D

Come and guest on our chat and see what you think, we've been going a couple of years but prefer quality over quantity so you would be asked to guest a few days to see if we all get on, Then we will vote you in. There is only a few of us but we don't want a huge clan where you can get lost in the crowd. We want a community of friends.

We have a website for clannies to find out events and post achievements and we are very active as a community on FB messenger. We do have a discord channel but only for events as we don't want to lose the community spirit of clan chat or split the clan.
Please feel free to come and find me or anyone else in the clan if you want to ask us anything.

We invite you to come and guest and see what you think.
Look forward to seeing you.

:PHugs everyone

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