We Are Epic Skilling Clan V6

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Previous Username: N/A

Current Username: DaoMastery

Total Level: 1844

Combat Level: 118

Any 99s?: Sadly, no

Have you been in any clans before? If so why did you leave?: I have been in one clan before, but I left because I had to take a hiatus from RS3 due to focusing on my education and assignments.

Why would you like to join We Are Epic?: I would like to join We Are Epic because of I would like to be part of a group of awesome people that may assist me in supporting me in reaching my goals skilling wise.

Favorite Runescape Activity (Castle wars, Barbarian Assault etc,) : Slayers tasks mostly.

Are you willing to do your share in citadel upkeep?: Yes, I will do my share in citadel upkeep.

Do you understand the ranking system? (see list below): Yes, I do understand it.

Will you place vexes around runescape and bump this thread?: I will.

Have you read our rules?: Yes, I have. Torva

What would you like to be called?: Dao

Anything you would like to add: Thank you for your time for reviewing my application have a good day.

23-Feb-2019 05:53:08

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