Shooting stars bugged

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Tom of MI
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Tom of MI

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Shooting stars seem to be bugged in that they dont actually progress through the different levels, currently im setup in full golem, pickaxe of song and earth and just hit 200 dust

When checking the progress it states " this star has been mined about 4000 percent of the way to the next level"

It is a lv90 star so the highest tier but it shouldnt make a difference, has anyone else had issue with trying to mine stars on the beta? i just wanted to see what the reward was from the alien

Tom of MI
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21-Nov-2018 17:15:49

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Yes, I agree

Takes no time at all to get from higher lvl star to eg 3 or 4, and then it kinda stoppes. We are barely able to mine through the star in time for next star. Often not, if you are alone on a star.

And still no geodes or gems from stars

28-Jan-2019 14:58:17

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