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When mining in the Living Rock Caverns, it is not possible to empty the contents of your ore box into the Deposit Box - you can only deposit the ore box itself. Is this working as intended?

05-Feb-2019 14:24:08

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Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but is it intended for a player to be unable to withdraw specific bars from the metal box? Say I've smelted a bunch of rune bars that I'd like to sell and I click on the metal box to see what is banked there. I can right click onto the various ores, and specify how many of each type I'd like to withdraw, but that same right click option does not exist for the bars. So, to get those rune bars that I'd like to sell, I have to "withdraw all"--every single ore and bar banked in that metal box--and then go to the bank chest, open it, and deposit just those rune bars I want to sell. Then I have to go back to the metal box and re-deposit all of those ores and bars that were in there to begin with.

So why be able to withdraw specific amounts of specific ores and not be able to do the same with bars?

08-Feb-2019 22:01:51

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Hello, why is the chance of rockertunities lowered by about 50% ?
i realised it today. 10.02.2019. (it was original and not changed until 09.02.2918)
why was it made lower toady and what was the reason, waiting for a relpy.
I dont like mining anymore to be honest, because i was a very active mining trainer, i liked it to get rockertunities in about 5-7 rocks as it was before, now im afk way more and i dont even check for rockertunities ,because they are useless now.
Great job to whoever came on this, to slow down the rockertunities-not a very smart thing.
this will backfire you so hard, because you messed up the excellent rates of rockertunities.
That was the only thing keeping mining ores, and had a motivation to click and check the screen.
that update was plain stupid, im sorry but you are taking the skill back where it was.
i know that the rate of rockertunities was altered today, and i demant and answer ,because i can.

10-Feb-2019 00:23:19

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Would you please do something about smithing? In particular functional smithing i.e. where I make something for my own use e.g. as I trawl through my 8th bar of dragonbane bars in order to replenish my stocks and find that it still takes an inordinate, ridiculous, interminably dull time to do this because, it seems, all the capable staff left and you didn't think things through (or even think). I have to make these. I didn't used to mind making them, now I do. Were it not for the need to make such things I'd now place smithing as less palatable than swallowing fire after having imbibed petrol (or hunter)! Actually, I do, but I like the bolts and as I use them a great deal do have to make them.

It does, however, take over 1 minute to smith one bar into unfletched bolts. Quite frankly, that's atrocious design on your part.

I've complained about this previously when making runite bolts: these things should still be quick because they're no good for training, smithing now seems wholly unprofitable (the effort required to make just the masterwork gloves was such that I decided - especially as you couldn't make it so the armour did not degrade with Slayer; how did you not discover that after so much testing? - to simply sell them and the price obtained wasn't worth the effort) and quite how it is that you state it is an upgrade is beyond me unless no one has done anything other than work in the Artisans' workshop. Perhaps you should close all other smithing areas?

This should be looked at as a priority as using the bone grinder for prayer as was (over a decade ago) was a positive joy relative to this abomination.

Only 118 bars to go ... RIP life.

10-Feb-2019 22:25:12

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How do I remove the information box that is in the middle of the screen when I am mining and smithing?

That is all I see any more when I am mining or smithing just not fun at all.

11-Feb-2019 02:46:29

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Inconsistant smelting speeds. level benefits not working correctly. 25% speed increase level benefit *works* but does so sporadically hitting either 144 secs or 108 secs for 60 bars. 50% increase speed level benefit does not activate at all. please fix this!

QF code for better explanation. 437-438-338-66083002

12-Feb-2019 20:34:41

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