Smithing Unlocks Don't Work

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I'm at 91 smithing, the level where I should be smelting Elder Rune bars 25% faster. At 90 smithing, a full 60 took 144 seconds. Now, a full 60 takes 144 seconds. This is compared to rune bars, which are supposed to be smelted 100% faster, and a load takes 108 seconds. Unlocks that say "raise the heat cap of X" don't seem to work; the heat cap raises slowly with each level, so maybe it's 50 and 100 overall instead of increasing by those values suddenly, but it doesn't seem like it. I do plan on paying attention every level until 95. The level 83 unlock "smith Bane 10% faster" only made a difference on +4 items even through 89 smithing. Content accessibility and heating speeds seem to be the only things that work as listed.

Edit: I just leveled up from 91 to 92 and my heat cap on elder rune increased by 3.

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