Goals and such.

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Nice opening post.

I too spread around my xp in a day. I dont get bored. If i feel the need to
switch up, i do so.

I play to make myself happy and it seems you do the same.

Make sure you do the serenity posts at Priff daily. That is 20k agility xp
that is easy to get.

I have never done an ironman account. There is so much I want to do on
this account and I don't have the time to do it. So making an ironman
and such would just take up time I need for this account.

I am impressed though with your skills and being an ironman too!

Good luck with everything!
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08-Apr-2019 11:15:10

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Thanks for the reply! I've found after many big grinds followed by a break it's best to take my time, I can have fun and small gains without really losing out on anything.

I (almost) always do my daily jot and hefin posts, I'm getting 98 after this reset I think so closing in on that.

I sometimes feel the urge to go back to my main but whenever I log in I lose all motivation, so it's probably for the best not to make an ironman until you feel like you're done with the main.

10-Apr-2019 21:35:12

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