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I've played for a very long time. This account being the first one that I made. I'm actually curious if there would be a way to add that to the hiscores somehow? I honestly just want to know how many accounts are still active that were created pre Rs2.

This might be the wrong forum sorry in advance.

18-Apr-2019 09:59:08

Andy Grammer
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Andy Grammer

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We have in-game veteran capes on RS3 for people whose accounts are 5+ years old, and two additional ones that can be purchased from Hans at 10 years and 15. This is more than likely the only type of check we will ever have for this type of thing. Knowing somebodies specific account creation day isn't something that should be spread around as it makes recovering someone else's account easier. @AndyGrammerRS | I used to be rank 1 Slayer on OSRS and the #1 9HPer on RS3

19-Apr-2019 17:07:42

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