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Hello and welcome to Rusted Iron!

Clan Size as of October 19, 2015:

We are a casual
F2P and P2P
iron and hardcore ironman/ironwoman clan established on 11/25/14 that welcomes players of all levels and promotes an environment of fun, helpfulness, and maturity. Because the Ironman challenge is so self-oriented, it can get lonely doing everything on your own. But what better way to fill that void than to join a community of players with similar goals in mind who are looking for a casual and helpful environment that can make the experience that much better…

The owner and deputy owner are longtime players who have decided to experiment and embrace this new mode of playing, but were not happy with the level of support, maturity, overwhelming size, and knowledge provided by other Ironman clans. Let's face it, what long term player remembers how to do many of the things we take for granted in this game on their own? Or the best way to make some decent cash without the GE? These are just a few of the challenges Ironmen face :D

This is our second version of our clan thread due to a recent change in ownership. Our previous two leaders decided to move on from owning a clan and left it in the hands of two of its more active members.

We are currently in the stages of rebuilding and looking for new members!

We are Rusted Iron! We have no mandatory events and are open to anyone who is an Ironman or Hardcore Ironman looking for a small community to enjoy their time with.

Feel free to stop in and join the *
Rusted Iron
* clan chat as a guest and check us out if you are interested! You can also contact some of the following players if you have any questions about joining:

: DIY Adis

Deputy Owner
: Iron Fox


Head F2P Recruiter

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lron Fox

lron Fox

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We have only a handful of guidelines that we wish our members to abide by:

1. You must be an
Ironman or Hardcore Ironman
to join the chat

2. Because we are a mature clan we ask for maturity and respect to other members within the chat

3. Follow all Jagex rules

4. Don’t die if you’re hardcore! ;)

Everyone in the chat is friendly and laid back…we’re an easy group to get along with as long as you are too! This chat is about having fun and getting advice when needed. If there are any disputes or issues within the chat our members are mature enough to settle them on their own!

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lron Fox

lron Fox

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Clan Ranking System

We have a simple ranking system that is fair for our members and allows our members to earn ranks based on total level gains

Clan CC ranks will be based on
skill totals
as follows:

Under 300 - Recruit

300 - Corporal

500 - Sergeant

900 - Lieutenant

1300 - Captain (
General if you're a f2p Ironman account

1700 - General

Side Note
: Members can freely invite anyone as long as they are Ironman or Hardcore

Admin and higher levels will be meritoriously awarded by the Owner & Deputy Owner

Please feel free to post on this thread when goals are met :)

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