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Display Name: Drejer
Ľ Combat level: 67
Ľ Total level: 506
Ľ Quest Points: 2
Ľ Have you read and agree with all of the rules? Yes!
* What time zone are you in? UTC +1
Ľ Why do you want to join Serenity Isle? To meet new people and play with my friend in rs3
* How did you find out about us? Penx recommended me the clan
* What are your current goals? Getting more into rs3 than old school rs :)
* What do you enjoy doing? Osrs :/
Ľ If you're a former member, what was your display name when you were with us before?
* Are you interested in joining our Discord chat? Yea sure
Ľ Please post any additional information about yourself (optional but recommended): I have played an extreme amount of osrs, so i am slowly trying to get into rs3

24-Feb-2019 00:00:23

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Hi Drejer!

I'm glad to announce that your application to Serenity Isle was successful, and we would like to invite you to join the clan for a trial period. Please join our clan chat as soon as possible to receive an invitation to the clan! Alternatively you may contact me, Tunnelworm or a Coordinator in-game to be added as well. If you're well-suited for the clan, you will be promoted to a full member after two weeks. To get started, how about checking out our upcoming events on our events thread?

We hope to speak to you soon! :)

Leader of Serenity Isle
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24-Feb-2019 00:07:41

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