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Hey there.
i'm clan leader of a clan called "R E I G N" and should you still be looking to find a clan to merge with, i'd very much like to speak with you more about considering moving yourself and your clannies over to our clan?

here's a link to our forum page which tells you what kind of clan we are and how we go about our ranking system ect :),291,821,65843366,goto,1

if your interested after taking a look over the kind of clan we are, message back and we can talk more about it!


08-Nov-2016 13:48:10

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You'll find that a lot of clans that want to merge simply want to absorb your members, meaning they want your people to leave your clan and come join them. With this in mind, I recommend being cautious about merging.

Best of luck.
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09-Nov-2016 14:27:59

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Yes, do be cautious about merging and really get to know the people first, especially the leadership ranks.

I run a clan called Fantasy Madness, we have on average 80 members, going for t6 citadel, and we are mostly social/skilling but there are people who do know how to pvm or want to learn. It was created in January and we are always looking for more people to chat and have fun with. You can pm me in game and we can talk, our clan thread has a link in my siggy if you want to look at it.:)
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10-Nov-2016 14:58:46

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