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No support from me.

The entire thing is based on reports from other people, and as such could be subject to bias and corruption. Scamming in particular, is based on one persons word versus another, unless proven by Jagex - who I'm sure don't have time to do all these checks. Other people might have been removed from clans due to a personality clash.which ends up with bad feeling. Nothing like getting revenge by showing bad comments for future clans huh.

I agree that it would be great to know someones history, but it needs to be done in an unbiased and fair manner . This isn't it, and I don't think the there is a way to have one as the game currently stands.
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20-Apr-2017 19:38:18

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100% No Support

First and foremost, there are far, far too many important clan updates that I would prefer take priority over something like this. Clan Leaders have been asking for updates to the Clan System since its release in 2011, and this is not an idea that should be prioritized over those.

Second, it should not be Jagex's responsibility to make clan leaders aware of an individual's past actions when moving from clan to clan. If someone is that concerned about it, that individual's previous clan leader should contact the leader of the current clan to make them aware of the situation. Communication is key.

Third, as a bit of an extension from my previous point, if someone is such a problem that Jagex needs to step in and "warn" clan leaders about an individual player,
why would Jagex not just ban them from the game?
That alone is enough to deter an update like this from happening.

Fourth, rules can vary greatly between clans, and a system like this would be open to abuse. As Kera already pointed this out, I agree with her post and don't feel the need to elaborate.

I could go on, but I feel I have a strong enough argument with those four points to explain my stance.
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21-Apr-2017 01:03:38

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Historic clan membership is not something we hold data on so this is not possible.

I would also have other significant concerns about the suggestion, but the technical structures currently in place would mean this is not something we would attempt anyway.
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21-Apr-2017 07:24:57

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