The Death of the Jedi and Sith

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Gabe Ster
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Gabe Ster

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Any JOTNR folks who still play hop into CC "Idea",(the new username for Greenday2301 I think that was the correct spelling - we usually have a couple people on throughout the day, most commonly
Viper7890 (currently Playboys)
South Park 55
and most recently
chicubie23 was on today who inspired me to research them and then come across this post.

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Idk If any of ya'll remember me, but I was in TSO for a bit under Roac or Agent6143, honestly don't remember. I recognize a lot of the names in here, Cullosus recruited me a longggg time ago. Hope ya'll are well.

04-Dec-2018 05:24:39

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