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Citadels are meant to be a group activity for clans, and RuneScape is a MMORPG afterall.

The Citadel resources needed for weekly upkeep have been reduced by 80% as of 11 December 2017 thanks to Mod Shauny. Since then, I can meet upkeep in my clan's T7 Citadel by myself without any other members helping with resources. We just need 4 other members to visit to reach the 5 visitor requirement.

The statements and suggestions you've made are a bit extreme. You don't need to have a Citadel for your clan, though it is nice to have. If you try to recruit, you may have some luck in finding members who are looking to build up a clan. If you can't get 5 members to maintain your Citadel, then maybe Citadels aren't for your clan. Focus on other areas and work on the Citadel later. Also, a clan of less than 5 members is hardly a clan, but they all have the ability to recruit. :P (assuming the permission in clan settings is enabled)

I'd suggest posting here to find potential Admins to help out: Looking for Admins? Check Here

Good luck :)

In the meantime, the Citadel's current upkeep requirements are fair for all clans. Considering Clans cap at a maximum of 500 members and you need to have a minimum of 5 to maintain a Citadel, any further reductions than the ones given 3 months ago would be way too much. Personally, I'd prefer to see Citadels removed entirely and replaced with something else than have further updates to reduce upkeep costs.
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