Can't disband a clan

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Hello. I need some help over here. I was in a clan and now I'm the only member left. Right now I can't quit the clan (even tho it wasn't even mine). It shows me that I have to stand in the clan Citadel and I'm a f2p. Was also trying to speak with Scribe in Falador and quit the clan by speaking with him. Still getting the same message while trying to do that: "You must be standing in your citadel to disband your clan.". What should I do?

28-Jan-2019 19:04:53

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Hi dopaminechem,

I see you've already found the thread Unable to Disband that Mod Shauny replied to, and it does seem that you are facing the same issue.

Unfortunately, you're stuck until a Jmod helps you disband the clan. :(

Hopefully, someone will be able to help you soon.
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30-Jan-2019 22:46:38

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