Citadel glitched:/

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Hello, i am posted here as suggested by a mod friend. our clan "Empire Rising" has tier 7 and has had for quite awhile now, we were making the dragon habitat upgrade for the citadel and it was done, but upon our weekly reset which was today at 17:45 game time, the upgrade for the dragon dissapeered, and our citadel and all our plots went down to tier 6, for no reason. we have had to set the tier 7 upgrade all over again. we keep track every week of who cap and how many do, we had over 60 visitors last week, there is no reason why we should have lost so much. our trophy vex still displays the tier 7 sparkles despite everything being tier 6. i am told this is not normal. we reported it in game as a bug but i am bringing it up here too, hopefully this can be fixed because we worked very hard on tier 7 and the dragon, its quite time consuming getting both of those and our clan is very disappointed:/ please look into this as soon as possible.

26-Feb-2017 18:32:03

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