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Mod Jon

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Hey there!

Welcome to the second week of forum month, focused on the Clan & Lore sections of the forums!

This is a Bronze competition, so I'll keep it short and sweet. To take part and have a chance to win all you have to do is answer this simple question:

What would be the ideal chill out room to add to your clan citadel?

Think relaxing, think XP waste, what would you and your clan mate be found doing while not on a strenuous farming run or boss session?

- 7 days membership
- 200 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp

*Terms and Conditions
*Keep your idea to one post only - posts that span more than one will be discounted.
*This competition will close at 10:00 Game Time on 7th July
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What about a room with a direct link to the RS forums. Here I'm comfy, relaxed, I can chat with others about RS and its XP waste (unless typing is a skill), all without leaving my favourite armchair!

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A giant indoor swimming pool, complete with 10 metre diving board, a giant watersilde that spans multiple floors (with a full loop in the middle of it) a surfing simulator, and wave machines. Next to this pool (but in the same room of course) would be a hot-tub/spa and to top it off, a massage chair, so you can get all those aches and pains ridden of after a day of xp gains in the land of Gilenor. Owner of
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06-Jul-2015 12:22:15

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All kinds of fun games, think Gielinor Games (I just LOVED head to head), Burthorpe Games room, that kind of games. Gather with a big group of clannies, enjoying the citadel atmosphere, and playing silly games, sacrificing XP for fun: what the game should be about in the first place! Signatures are overrated.

06-Jul-2015 12:33:08

Shiny Peach

Shiny Peach

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The lounge: big leather couches, fluffy carpets, crystal tables with refreshments, a portal to live watch the gnomeball games, an aquarium with small fish and a fountain, a piano, ... beaversquad

06-Jul-2015 12:38:02

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I'd love to see a room with a projector, where clannies can lie down and watch a movie or their recent adventures. Being in a Questing Clan myself, I'm sure my clanmates wouldn't mind watching and running a live commentary on other players attempting quest bosses.
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06-Jul-2015 13:30:29

Orion Raven
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Orion Raven

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I would want to see a fitness/exercise room outside.

There would be a track course, where you can get rid of the flabbiness of your character, and training running to do the Gielinor Marathon.

There would be some exercise equipment*, to help get you get ready for fighting monsters. There could be a shot put area , to help relive and get your arm strength up.

If you are tired there would be a mini table full of nutrient styled food think Salads and things like that.

06-Jul-2015 14:28:05



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a spa with deck chairs like the beach and a scrying pool that follows around the clan leader and a butler bringing you exotic drinks

you can watch the clan leader working hard and have a glass of pineapple juice with your fellow clannies
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