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1. When a player gets a fealty star have a star appear on the clan mates list a new column that shows their fealty rating. This will help keys know who deserves the use of the clan avatar or any other rewards leaders give to their mates who help out at the citadel.

2. The current fealty bonus from cap is only around 9k at 99 lvl.
: At fealty 1 you get the current reward. At fealty 2 you get 3 times the experience. and at fealty 3 you get six times the fealty and if you keep fealty 3 for all 4 weeks you get a bonus of nine times the current fealty.

Week 1 fealty 1 99 lvl 9703 xp
Week 2 fealty 2 99 lvl 29109 xp
Week 3 fealty 3 99 lvl 58218 xp
Week 4 fealty 3 99 lvl 87327 xp

This is really small xp reward for the time spent capping each week. Might encourage clan mates to keep up their fealty and help out more than feeling its a burden.

Also could work as follows
Week 1 fealty 3 99 lvl 9703 xp
Week 2 fealty 3 99 lvl 29109 xp
Week 3 fealty 3 99 lvl 58218 xp
Week 4 fealty 3 99 lvl 87337 xp

Some players may say well isn't having an avatar enough of a reward?

Not really some people don't even bother to take it out because too much of a burden to hope to the clan world then go take a break and dismiss and rego get it each time. Then you have the players who don't bother with helping out the clan yet still get to reap the reward of having the clan avatar out on their world. The current style to check who has capped is very hard because you have to hop each world when a player is on to check if they have visited the clan or even capped and hard to be on 24/7 to check players from around the world in different time zones.

I have been in several large clans that have collapsed because of players not being to excited to cap because of loss of game time and how long it takes to cap...

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This year should really be number one priority about clan improvements.

Making the battle field less buggy and more fun and useful.

Making a clan dungeon for resources would be awesome.

Clan wars having tournaments between clans that reward specialty items to those who participate winners and losers weekly.

A clan boss for pvm that can be joined only if you have fealty 3. With some new drops.

Clan agility course that gives not only agility xp but resources.

Kind of stinks having a T7 with 100+ members but only 10 to 20 helping out with the clan citadel. Have seen it in other clans I was in also. Please improve clans Thanks:)

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I know that as a player maxes the lure of XP rewards for doing citadel becomes useless. We might expect clan pride or the bragging rights to having a tier 7 citadel to keep people doing the citadel 'chores.' But for most that's not enough.

The problem as I see it is time. Most people only have a certain amount of time they can play the game and have to allocate that time towards their own goals and what they perceive as rewarding to them be it XP, GP or just FUN.

Citadel is lacking in all three areas. There is XP but if you are maxed in the skills available at citadel the XP isn't going to get you to work up there.

GP there is no monetary or 'drop', title, fashion or other reward for doing citadel.

Fun, well like many things in game citadel is a grind and if there's no reward for the grind it just isn't fun.

So how to solve this and keep clans active and interested. The proposed XP rewards would be a help. Also possible choice of reward for achieving tiers of fealty.

1. XP rewards as outlined by English King
2. Time reward: As you get fealty stars you would complete citadel chores faster and get the same XP, but use less time doing Citadel.
3. Rewards: Titles such as Three Star, Fealty Rich, Clanpletionist, etc.
4. Fun: Social citadel work perhaps like Coop Slayer where you and clanmate would complete fealty faster if done together.

5. Allow avatars to be called by a player with fealty without having to go up to citadel to call it. Add it to their 'PET' list but only if they have 3 fealty stars. If they don't have fealty they would have to go up to citadel to call it.

Any of these changes would make citadel less of a CHORE and BORE and encourage clan participation.

I also agree with English King that it would be useful to be able to check players' citadel status without hopping around worlds.

29-Sep-2017 19:52:29

English King
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English King

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Could add in some clan pack as a reward for capping.

The clan pack would be random items.
For example:
Clan overload potion used for group bossing or brought into dungeoneering when in a group.

Clan skilling cape with 1k charges giving bonus xp while training any skill in runescape.

Clan weapons with 1k charges based on your combat level. Upon use they crumble to dust.

Clan pride clothes that can boost the speed of resources gathered as long as you keep fealty 3.

Clan pet (mini English King) lol that is like an steel titan that requires orts to heal. Fealty 3 require to summon.

Sure players could come up with some other rewards:)

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I wholeheartedly agree with English King and Gilien. Every clan leader knows what a chore it is to get people up to citadel to maintain their citadel tier level each week.

The incentives for clan members are just not strong enough to encourage participation, and even managing who has gone and who has to go is a very difficult task for clan leaders.

If a player is not on the same world and has not gone up this week there is no way to judge a player's participation over the past several weeks.

Please take these suggestions seriously. It is past time to improve clan citadels.

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Mod Shauny

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That being said I want to change them to make them a little better, if it goes through it'd also mean that it would provide better item xp for Invention Tools also which is always a nice plus.

So yeah I'm trying to win these battles, the small clan updates a week ago were some stuff I managed to get in and hopefully these xp changes if they go through will be nice also.

One step at a time but we'll get there :)
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I love Clans!

12-Oct-2017 14:59:35

English King
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Another thing that would be cool is specialty clue scrolls. You can get if you get fealty. The rewards could be new clan armors,weapons, etc.that require orts to charge. And if you don't keep up your fealty the armors lose their abilities and can't be recharged. Could also be a plot for T7 clans that has like poh for charging. That also can degrade if not enough members keeping up the upkeep of citadel.

Ty for post Mod Shauny Hope improvements for clans come sooner than later.

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Another big problem is the clan board it doesn't work well at all. Should be revamped and made to work so we can actually plan some clan events. This should be priority since it hasn't worked in years. Also the ability to check via clan forums whom has capped and what fealty each member has.

04-Feb-2018 08:15:25

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Firstly - BUMP!

Now that everyone has been notified again, and not forgotten; let's get back to the topic at hand. =) I know that I haven't been active on here in years! And not on this account either. I want everyone here to know that those ideas are perfect, and maybe @ModShauny can throw his clan vex around, and get these rolling. As someone coming back and capping in my clan, I would like to personally see these three things from above:

1. Co-op clan bosses - which reward slayer XP, and small, though meaningful drops that only cap 3 clan members can take part in. To go further with this idea, perhaps can only be run 3 times a week, but still, a fun boss that can tie the citadel with overworld Glelinor. This boss should be challenging, but scalable in case your low-level members want to take part. It should provide a challenge at any level, and be unique. (That's what players love about this game).

2. Clan pride clothing - that show your level of dedication to the clan and provide something new. Clothing could simply be a separate vex or cape, or even boots of some sort, but it should be given to the highest contributors (maybe top 5% or something reasonable), the XP boost could scale (as English said), and should follow the player to overworld (Like it does currently)

3. And my final reiteration is - that English had some great suggestions. To finally point out my favorite one, being a clan agility course. This one is so nice because the only way to hit those middle levels is to grind at the watchtower in NE Yanille. That is not only boring but highly click intensive. Maybe adding an agility course inside the citadel so that clan mates can not only train this skill but chat while at it.

That's my piece to reinvigorate this feed and help motivate some action. By that I mean, we're looking forward to more clan updates! Basically, clans need to be social again. I remember when this was a very social game. Oh, and finally, clan wars should be more rewarding :)

26-Dec-2018 18:43:10

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