Clan Avatar, disappearing bug

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Santah Knows
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1st: In Game Bug Report sent.

Now, I'm curious to know if anyone else is have the issue.

I've got our Avatar following me, on old client, in Priff, while doing thieving. My run is set to on. If the NPC gets stuck, and I'm doing repetitive thieving, all works great. But if the NPC is on the move, and I run past the Avatar chasing the NPC, I notice a vertical flash on the screen where the avatar was. then the Avatar bonus goes to 3% for a few seconds, then disappears entirely (both the avatar disappears and the bonus).

The avatar must be called again, Follower Details, Call Follower, for it to reappear, and bonus to begin again.

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yup avatars are fickle things, who like to disappear on their own from time to time. Only thing you can do is exactly what you have done - send a bug report, and keep on calling it back.

We have 3 avatars, and have noticed that one in particular disappears more than the other 2 , so inevitably thats the one left behind. It is a known issue, but on a very long list of things to be looked at.

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09-Aug-2016 10:35:28

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it is happening to me as well, both inside and outside prif. I have not checked which of our 3 avatars is most likely to disappear but the one I have now is really suffering.

Btw, I notice that we have now 2 avatars in the same world, I'll try switching and see if that is the problem although the clan member appears to be not online.

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they need to fix the avatars!!! i am having to call it back every 5 minutes or less! this has been a common problem for a long time, although before it was only the one avatar that it really happened to. I love using the clan avatar but i am getting tired of people getting upset when the avatar bonus goes away because the damn thing keeps running away.

22-Mar-2018 18:08:31

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When the Avatar Rework update goes live, this issue will no longer be possible.

If you haven't heard anything about it yet, I'd recommend checking out the section of the January Content Showcase where Mod Shauny discusses it along with some of the other future updates for clans that are planned for release this year

Link to video starting at the clan updates timestamp:
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22-Mar-2018 18:50:22

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