Tier 7 Citadel and Battlefield

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Hello, been struggling with finding an answer to this question, I was hoping someone could help please?

We are working towards a tier 7 citadel, we are at 89% (way to go clannies!) :)

My question is what tier does the battlefield need to be for the Stronghold to upgrade to tier 7?

I have been with the clan a few weeks and the owner (old friend from previous clan) put me in charge of the citadel. First thing I did was read a ton on citadels, but still cannot find an answer to this question that says definitively what tier it should be. I have switched the battlefield to upgrade first and we are at tier 4 now and working on tier 5. Would rather not lose precious resources on the battlefield if we don't need to upgrade it.

Thank you for any assistance, any suggestions on further reading material would also be appreciated.
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14-Apr-2017 13:37:18

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Sicariu said:
I don't think the tier of the battlefield effects Citadel tier upgrades.

This. You don't need to upgrade the battlefield at all.
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14-Apr-2017 20:55:04

Ledr Knuckls
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Hello, battlefield does not effect the citadel stronghold as my citadel is t6 but i have battlefield at 3 for a few months now.
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20-Apr-2017 18:35:23

Mod Matthe

Mod Matthe

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As others have said, the tier of battlefield does not effect your Citadel tier. Mod MattHe | Former Community Manager, now in Events & occasional Lore Monkey

21-Apr-2017 07:26:11

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