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So I log into members after some time, I go to visit my citadel and as I port in I get ported back out...immediately.

I am sorry if/to sound like a broken record here but I have been looking for answers and honestly i'm bothered a tad bit and here's why...... that most of the posts i have came across start with someone who's experiencing my issue and then there's a few people casually relating, voicing their concerns as well..........then.................what do you know it?...... a forum moderator with some snarky comment/petty reason to to freeze the thread.

Im sorry if I sound crazy or rude but I mean c'mon, man, all we're trying to do if figure out why something we pay to have access to isn't giving us any access? Thanks for your time who ever reads this, hope to hear something regarding this soon... Thanks again

22-Jan-2019 19:45:34

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Hi Nizma,

From what you're saying, it seems like you haven't visited your clan's Citadel in awhile before experiencing this issue. I also looked up your clan and noticed a majority of your members are Free-to-Play along with your clan's Citadel Tier being 1.

Given this information, I'm certain that your Citadel is locked. In order to unlock your Citadel, you will need to have at least 5 different clan members attempt to enter your Citadel. Each one will be kicked out after attempting to enter, but the fifth member will be the one that unlocks it. Once unlocked, you will be able to enter the Citadel normally, and it will appear in a dilapidated state. Your clan will then need to meet upkeep within the next week, or the Citadel will become locked again, restarting the same process.

Citadels become locked due to two or more consecutive weeks of failing to meet the required weekly visitor and resource upkeep at a Tier 1 Citadel. If upkeep is missed for this amount of time at higher tiers, this would result in a tier being lost, such as a Tier 3 Citadel downgrading to Tier 2. Missing upkeep for one week will put the Citadel into a dilapidated state until upkeep is met again. Additionally, due to the way Citadels are coded, each week of missed upkeep will compound until someone attempts to enter the Citadel because a player attempting to enter triggers the code to activate.

Going forward, keep in mind that Citadels require a minimum of 5 clan members with Membership to visit them weekly, along with gathering the required amount of resources (which varies with each Tier and Skillplot), to meet upkeep and maintain them.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions.
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22-Jan-2019 22:23:53

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