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Viper Kemono
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Viper Kemono

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Beast tanking for SMZ.

Going undefeated with New Bloods for longer than any RSB clan has ever accomplished.
Taking #1 spot in every single ladder while Co-Leading Immortal Retaliation with Lazerboyz.
Mass freezing with Zack
Sniping with 11 Good Air
Getting Ruthless Crusaders to the top
Joining Resurrection to turn the tide around.
Warring Dynasty Elites back in the day as Fatal Infliction [Slasher trolling] made it a great victory
Warring Wicked Fury [Always epic battles rather win or lost, Wicked Fury always respectful

In reality I miss it all, it's all I did when I got on. The RSB community was very competitive rather we love or disliked each other, we made some great memories together.
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