I can't change any settings...

Quick find code: 135-136-918-65993991

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Are you in your clan chat. If you aren't, you'll be unable to edit any settings.
to rejoin go to the clan tab (in 'social' tab in RS3 interface) and click the speech bubble with the green+.

If you have any issues after doing this message me, or Sicariu in-game.
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03-Mar-2018 10:28:07

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err J4ron, you forgot to add or Kera to your message above :P

Titan, I've responded to your question on the clan help thread , but for ease of reference, will repeat it here.

Kera said:
Hi there Titan, it looks like your clan only has 3 members, and this is why you aren't able to to change those things.

In order for a clan to officially be a clan, you need to have at least 5 members, so until you recruit 2 more people you wont ever be able to change those settings.

Kera x
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