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If you have access to the Clan Leader Forum, you can join without an invite by going here.

Hey Leaders,

On the Clan Leader Forum (CLF) we have now established a community discord for leaders, this is to help better network our clans, share events, build on clan based ideas and general discussion.

Currently we are taking Non-CLF Leaders or Clan Staff (Who have permission from their leader), It is currently invite only and to qualify for an invite, you will need to put your discord name below as well as the clan you are representing.

We currently have a total of 41 people in the discord split between 28 clans, legacy leaders and Jagex Moderators.

If invited, each clan is allowed two representatives (including the clan leader) where each representative must have permission from the leader of the clan to represent them.

We look forward to inviting new clan representatives and will see you on the discord.

Rob Jones
Founder of the Clan Leader Discord

Creator of the Clan Leader Discord & Clan Discord
Lead Developer of The Clan Network

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Hi everyone :)

There is a Discord Mod team in place to help manage the discord and the application threads; so you may receive invites from the following people:
Rob Jones, Jamo, Sani, 2cool 2care, LisaaRS, Owner McCoy, & SS Macka.

Look forward to seeing more people join! :)
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Ledr Knuckls
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Sounds awesome and i already pinned this to my browser.
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The Aviansie said:
iChris said:
I'll give it a try.

iEpic Chris (#5567)

My reps are Epic Fool and iEpic Danny

I need the discords of the representatives to invite them

iEpic Danny#5577
Epic Fool#4617

3randon#9911 (for Arya and KOI)
Imperium of Srife

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