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Both, because different players have different preferences.

I think Jagex should make some more interactive events too but they definitely need to offer meaningful rewards there. It is just stupid to attend minigames or events that give you T60 gear as rewards.

Look! Games like Fortnite hand out $3 million for a competition and Jagex gives us what? A T60 Battle Robe after we played through that event 9000 times? :D:D:D

31-Jul-2019 17:48:19

Solo Wesjuuh
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Solo Wesjuuh

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i dont like it when you have to be like online all the time to play effiecient, i like perma unlocks better over all the daily stuff. Same thing with events. Just do an event that you dont have to be online 24/7.
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31-Jul-2019 18:29:22

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A good event is an event that:

1) Has interesting story and fun gameplay, not having you watch the game play itself.

2) Can be completed in roughly one hour in full, and you have ~3 weeks time to complete it. People have real life responsibilities too, they can't be expected to slave away at the game.

3) Does not feature any form of real money payments other than membership fee, directly or in-directly. Not only is it unnecessary, but it also negatively impacts the game design process.

4) Rewards something unique, no exp/gp/other tradeable stuff. Unique rewards make the event more interesting and memorable, and show that the developers cared about offering a meaningful experience rather than just making a generic handout of exp, gp etc.
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31-Jul-2019 21:15:00

Molly Weazly
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Molly Weazly

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Everyone's opinion is valid and seriously respected.

But since I can actually sleep while I afk gains ... as a really old lady I don't mind all that much.

Of course if it was such fascinating content that I wouldn't want to sleep through then that would be good too. :D

I can't think of any other game I like that I could just doze while clicking to progress.

Now if they decide not to nerf POF into the ground, I'll gladly stay awake to play that content. :P

Otherwise, thanks for the zzzz's!

01-Aug-2019 00:49:51

Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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I prefer the beach, I miss that mercher guy who shows up every time to rip ppl (including me) off for new beach items. Don't care about spring fayre or novtumberfest but I wouldn't mind them coming back to screw over the merchers.

01-Aug-2019 01:57:43

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Interactive, by a long shot. Clicking on a node and not doing anything else for the rest of the day is nowhere near my idea of a fun time. It's incredibly boring and I while I like the competition element of the current event (the last few hours before this particular reset were pretty amazing to watch), it really is just a basic experience handout that rewards players who can spend hours and hours doing it. It's hard for me to see that as exciting or even very fair.

01-Aug-2019 02:03:32

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I prefer not to have any events that are designed to be time limited and force most players to pay or lose out because the majority of players don't have time to grind out the tokens, its clearly just a money grab.

I want to go back to members fees covering all content, so content is made to be played and enjoyed instead of being designed to be impossible to complete without playing dozens of hours in a short time or paying extra in addition to membership fees.

Events that are designed for money grabs are designed to be frustrating and not fun, and the more we have like this, the less I want to pay for membership, and I'm not going to pay for the items when they charge as much as it costs for four and a half month's membership.

If content is made, I prefer it to be reasonably completable by the average player who plays one or two hours a day, and not have to grind almost all day during the event to get the rewards before it goes away, and not have to shell out additional money more than membership costs.

It is very unhealthy to have a grind event right after a DXP event, another thing I'd like to see go away.

It would be nice to be able to play the game and play the content I want to play, and not feel pressured to play more hours I want to in a short time or miss out on something, that doesn't make the game enjoyable, it makes it a chore.

01-Aug-2019 03:43:24

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