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So Saturday I am driving back home from seeing family in another State.
I reach for my Google Pixel 3 and swipe the screen right....
The very first News that pops up is this...

Runescape dev Jagex is up for sale by it's Chinese Owners after posting record high year.

I read the entire article and was left feeling like that Jagex is defunct and going to shut down.
Now that is feeling that one gets after reading this.
Do we read between the lines?
Do we believe this?

If this is indeed fact is this one of the reason that Developers at Jagex have NOT been fixing bugs....such as with the Citadel and Clan Capes and Velxum?
The little fixes that do make a world of difference in appearence and over all feel of Runescape itself.

Is this the reason that OSRS has gotten sooooooooooo many updates that RS3 feels like a red headed step child.

I am wondering why those that in the UK Offices have not released any information.
Is there a buyer already considering the acqistion of Jagex as a whole or will it be bought and broken up into pieces?

Because the rumors are flying.

29-Jan-2019 19:08:29

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It's all a bit unclear right now... mod JD put out a statement that basically said nothing would change for RS3 or OSRS due to this, but also disclaimed said statement by saying that "it's one of those statements". So for better or worse, something will likely change.
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29-Jan-2019 19:29:28

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Jagex is definitely is not going to be shut down.

The news is it is not even going to be sold definitely. Fukong Interactive, the grandparent of Jagex, just listed Jagex as one of the assets that maybe dealt in one of the many options they may take in the restructuring of the company.

These two threads, with the announcement from a Jmod, have details of the actual news already.

Whether Jagex is going to be sold, or even "shut down", there will be no difference between RS3 and OSRS. Fukong is not just going to sell RS3 or OSRS. Neither will they just "shut down" RS3 or OSRS.

If you really want to find something to talk about RS3 vs OSRS in this news, perhaps the fact that interests you the most is RS3 is getting more players online since M&S rework obviously but OSRS fails to even get more than 150k concurrent players since they hit that mark way back in early November 2018 when OSRS Mobile was released. :D

29-Jan-2019 19:30:35

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