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OSRS is called that way because the game feels for the most part like a game back from the old school era, said era lasting from the start of RS2 up until the GE was introduced.

RS3 is technically called just "Runescape" now, even though vast majority will always call it RS3 until something actually changes in it to warrant a name change, e.g. RS4.

As long as Jagex keeps up with the MTX sellouts though, it's unlikely that RS3 will change its official name to something else or allow OSRS to take it, because "Runescape" as a name is more positive than "RS3"; it's not really tied into just one era or version of the game, so pretty much everyone has positive memories connected to that name, whereas with the "RS3" name, many people dislike it due to EoC/MTX, possibly even the NIS too.

The only way I could see OSRS changing into the name of just "Runescape", is if RS3 got rid of its MTX (TH and SGS in particular) and reworked its combat system from the 0.6s tick system, and then called the game something like the "Runescape Remastered". At that point, OSRS could pick up just the name "Runescape", as it'd effectively be like the source of RR, with some differences in content obviously.

But really, none of the games should be called just "Runescape" IMO, because technically they're all Runescape, each of them just being a different version.
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