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Jeremy C

Jeremy C

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Kings Abbot said:
What are these z-scores you talk about?

So, here is how the charm data works on RS Wiki: You must submit at least 50 kills at a given time to help ensure a meaningful data sample. When you submit the data (the specific number of charm drops you receive along with the specific number of kills), the system compares your data with the data that it already has for that given creature. If your data for any of the four charms falls greater than three standard deviations from the mean (a z-score of 3.00 or -3.00) the system rejects your submission to protect from vandalism.

Unfortunately, a lot of data samples are rejected because of this, but I recognize that it's a necessary protection to prevent vandalism in the charm rate data. It's just frustrating when my data is disallowed. :P
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26-May-2018 03:43:21

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