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My bookshelf was ticking this morning. A very fast tick. Haven't worked out what was šausing the ticking. I said to my son it could be a bomb, but it never went off, I also said maybe it's some kind of device which is spying on us. I went over to the book shelf and put my ear to each level and could only hear it in the middle shelf, same with my son. I have taken all the books out, swept/dusted and looked at middle shelf, went through each book (30 - 50 of them) and found nothing. I'll do the other four shelves another time. My son suggested the ticking was coming from behind the bookshelf or garage. But I can't even squeeze a finger behind the bookshelf. I doubt anything would be behind it. And I can't be arsed taking all the books down to move the bookshelf to look, one shelf at a time is hard enough. And if it was coming from the garage I'm sure the noise wouldn't be specifically heard in one part of the shelf??

The ticking lasted a good 5 plus minutes.

A mystery.
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Written by me :P :D

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heh heh

I wasn't going to post that, just in case it got taken badly. But, those little beasties are commoner than one might think in temperate climates and they make a noise just like very rapid ticking.

Or, it could be alien invaders.
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TheáPeteáOx said:
Is there anyway to purchase gold for my character?

You can buy bonds and sell them.
Arrr! Only th' Devil an' I know th' where'bouts o' me treasure, an' th' one o' us who lives th' longes' should take i' all.

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