Advice on growing a clan?

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This is probably a poor question, but can anyone share best practices on how to recruit clan wise? I've been looking for ways to boost recruitment but haven't had much success. Aside from simpily asking people at the g.e asking bank-standers and keeping a thread well bumped and being online at least a few hours a day,recruitment is at somewhat of standstill.

Some things we have tried/are currently trying include;

-Trying a recruitment based gp incentive
-Allowing almost anyone to join
-Offering advice and walking players through content either missed by quitting and coming back, or helping new players by guiding some of the things overlooked , or that everyone should know when they start to play.

Putting in an honest effort, any ideas/helpful advice is appreciated. Just wanting to build a bettwr clan, as we have a excellent base, but can't seem to make it further then that. (Tier 2 citadel btw)

I'm not a fan of moderate success, so sorta reaching out a bit to see what others are doing. I'd like to make the statement i helped build something from level 1 to level 7.

Thanks in advance for really almost any ideas.
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TomG said:
Some things we have tried/are currently trying include;

-Trying a recruitment based gp incentive

I'm no clan leader, so maybe I'm just missing something, but to me it feels like adding gp incentives to the process is overall counterproductive, since it might just attract the bad kind of behavior. E.g. if you offer a person 2m gp for each person they recruit, someone might see it as an opportunity to abuse for easy money:

1. The recruiter finds poor players and promises them half the recruitment gp reward in exchange for them joining the clan long enough for the recruiter to claim the money.
2. The recruiter recruits said players and goes to claim his reward money.
3. The players who joined are given their share of the profit by the recruiter, after which the players who joined silently leave the clan, so the clan leader doesn't learn about what's going on behind his back.
4. Process is repeated with new people.

So if I were a clan leader, I'd imagine it best to avoid stuff like that, and just focus on quality over quantity, even if it means that the growth is going to take a very long time.
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A successful clan is one in which all members feel welcome, engaged and included, and are bound together by a feeling of belonging.

This is not something you can accomplish quickly or easily.

By far the best approach is to have your clan members ask their friends to join, who then ask their friends and so on... word of mouth is bar far the best advertisement!

Above all, be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your citadel won't be either.

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another part of it is what you're trying to do with the clan.

Are you focusing on bossing? slayer/pvm? pking? skilling? social?

Different players have different goals.
Trying to cater your clan towards a certain group can more easily attract players, but you run into the risk of having other players being left out (ie: a pking only clan will not really attract players who focus on skilling like fishing).
But also trying to cast as wide a net as possible can be equally risky because you'll have players who again, have a niche interest, and others who are willing to try "anything", but might not be in the mood for say bossing or a slayer duo right then, right there. And if that happens enough, after a month or 2, you might see a certain group of players bolt simply because the clan isn't active enough in their specific interest.

Even then, you run into the overall issue of activity. Players might be active for a few weeks or months at a time, then have to take a break.

When you also look at your membership numbers, you'll probably end up with a scenario of:
Clan size = 100
But ...
25 of them aren't active that week or month
10+ aren't technically clan members but are really player alts who are used solely for upkeep of the citadel (and the individual player other needs)
10+ that are F2P

I've been a part of 2-3 clans over the years. And, some got to an ok size (1 was just big enough to barely maintain a T7 Citadel ... but god was it a pain ... this was before some of the recent citadel qol updates).
I don't think you'll have too much difficulty attracting people once you've got a decent core group in the beginning.
Retention, attrition, and constant recruiting will just be a normal part of the job.

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sorry if I got a little off track.
engagement within the clan from the officers/leaders is one of the areas that I've seen from the more successful clans.
I agree with the others, gp/item incentives won't work well for you. It might work for the first few days/weeks in recruitment, but it won't maintain any sense of loyalty.

one of the others things I've seen is often less about gradual recruitment, but is kinda what Tophurious said.
not literally ofc.
find other clans that have a similar interest and a similar issue (you're all a certain size but can't quite get to the next tier)
then offer to merge.
It happens IRL with businesses merging or families coming together via marriage.
It does mean that 1 or more smaller clans disappear, but it also means that now everyone basically joins a "stronger" clan (ie: one clan has been on the decline but still has a T5+ Citadel, while everyone else is grinding out still at T2+). You lose a few folks (various reasons, but also likely because a percentage of each smaller clan is inactive anyways).
But in the end, you achieve the same goal.

The other advantages are:
- you're not trying to bring in 30 strangers with the same argument 30 times. you present your case once to a few large groups
- the people are already interested in being part of something bigger (they aren't soloists or people already burned out by clans). these people are more likely to be committed (At least for a while longer) than some newbie walking in the door

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