5 rune item tokens = unusable

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Post mining and smithing rework, I ended up with a bunch of rune item tokens. I took them down to the artisan's workshop in Falador and started buying salvage. When nothing was left available to buy for either salvage or items, I still had 5 tokens and I can't spend these because nothing is available for less than 10 tokens.

The problem is I can't get any more rune item tokens since they were a one time conversion of my banked rune items, and I can't create any. So unless Jagex puts some 5 token items in that "store", my 5 rune item tokens are useless.

I imagine the same situation exists for holders of 5 silver, mithril, or adamant tokens as well.

20-Jan-2019 14:36:11

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I had that too. I dropped them. The Wiki shows that some things give x5 tokens (x can be 0, 1 or 2), but they need 5 extra tokens to be bought.

I see you have level 99 Mining and Smithing, so you can easily make whatever you are missing.

Plus, since 10 rune tokens are worth 5.333 coins, you only lose 2.667 coins if you drop them.
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