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to all those who read this if you spend to much time on your acc your a bot if there system gets hacked your a bot if you trade gp between accs your irl trading how do i contact jagex directly to send my lawyer on them they state things like duel is 50-50 yet its not they state you are not resposible for other yet they do they charge you for irl trading for paying for multiple acccs if anyone can help tell me how

03-Jul-2019 03:45:54

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A few counterarguments:

If you spend too much time on your account, you are not necessarily a bot; if you spend too much time performing the exact same actions with the exact same timings over and over again, you might be.

Jagex's bot detection systems are not something that can be hacked.

If you trade GP between accounts, you are not necessarily IRL trading, especially considering it isn't the most difficult thing in the world to prove that multiple accounts belong to the same person.

I don't think Jagex has ever stated anywhere that the Duel Arena is "50-50." Such a blanket statement couldn't possibly be true in any event. Besides, this game is run on a random number generator; sometimes it favours you and sometimes it doesn't.

You are not responsible for the actions of others, but actions taken by or involving your account will probably result in consequences on your account.



If you feel the need to pursue legal action against Jagex, their mailing address is available in the footer of this webpage. I'd recommend talking it over with your lawyer first, however, because Jagex have a pretty strong case considering they own the account you're playing on.

In any event, I'm locking this thread up. There's no real discussion to be had here. If you really want to sue Jagex, your lawyer will know what steps to take. If you want your account back, use the appeal options in the Account tab (on the top-right corner of this webpage). If there are no appeal options, then their decision is final, and posting on the forums is unlikely to change that in any event.

Good luck either way.

03-Jul-2019 04:43:08

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