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Solivagus said:
I agree that it is time retire the old java client.

To the people ITT saying NXT is unstable and that they cant run it. I must ask, what kind of computers are you using? Something from the early 2000s? I have a cheap second hand laptop that I got for under 100$ that can run it at 1920x1080 on low at about 50fps with zero crashes. Sure, that might not be ideal for bossing or something, but I cant imagine the java client is any better for that.

or you could build a cheap pc and play it on high @60fps with zero problems:D

I would say not being able to see mtx shit on java was a fix for people who don't want to see mtx shit and call it an update. You nxt people can carry on looking at your shit.

16-Apr-2019 17:30:21

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