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The unexpected quest was amazing, the dialogue and hidden descriptions were hilarious, the plot ranged from comically ridiculous to serious and dark, in the very best RuneScape traditions, the inclusion of the EDG's was a masterful way to tell the story in its full glory.

Edg3 had a great atmospheric, and felt like a very natural progression, although I found the lack of any really new monsters and mechanics a little disappointing (copy and paste cave horrors with random unlockable typeless damage, copy and paste kalg demons, the crab things just plain melee mobs, and I'm not even sure what warped skeletons do as u can just bind um and kill um before they can attack you, same as the horrors) but the bosses were great fun, just enough if a learning curve to make victory feel like an achievement. Ambassador feels OP but hopefully I'll manage to kill him in normal mode solo eventually, but I wouldn't object to putting a cap on the number of times he can do his spinning light trick

Overall very satisfying update, challenging rewarding and fun, good job jagex!

26-Feb-2019 13:38:59

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