Invention got screwed up

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So the best way to get base components in the past was mithril swords, which gave around 129 per 100. Now the equivalent which is tiny blade salvage gives around 60. I still have my tokens but it looks like for disassembly use old material.

Also no one will be making mithril swords now, so expect augmentor (which needs base components) to keep going up.

Smithing now sucks

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Yup, it is especially hard on Ironman-mode players. However, Jagex are aware that is is an issue and are looking into fixing it. Who knows when that will be, however.

A thing to note. The White Knight Master Armoury shop in Falador is unchanged, so that's the best source of components now. It does require quests and for you to kill like one thousand and five hundred Black Knights after said quests though.

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