So, about onyxes..

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Draco Burnz said:
Nex is Life said:

Your AFK, 0 risk, 0 input moneymaker was nerfed and the only bad thing about that is that it didn't get nerfed sooner.

Like how ppl think skillers shouldn't have access to skilling items.

like how people think there is atually officialy such a thing as a skiller

last time i made an account, the only options were ironman, hardcore ironman, and normal - no skiller option on that list

as such, any comments about skillers or pvmers is utterly meaningless

normal players do both..
if a normal player wants an onyx, the do pvm for it. end of.

funny how no one complains about the fact that these theoretical "skillers" have no way to obtain a d hatchet or d pick either despite these being skilling items

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