New quest is broken!

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I've made it all the way to the end of Curse of the Black Stone and now I'm to the step that says "I should speak to Bryll at the war table to the east of Daemonheim by the boat." Thing is...she isn't there. She's at her normal spot which when I talk to her about the quest there, she merely says everyone is ready, but she's not at the war table. Sonje and Vindicta are there, but not here, thus making this quest impossible to complete.

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Pretty sure you need to go through and kill all 3 bosses. I killed them all in story mode before I did the quest though. Guess it doesnt count or i need to go kill it in normal mode idk. Guess I'll have to find a leech off someone to do it since I have some lag and the beams on the ambassador aren't actually where they appear on my screen..

25-Feb-2019 19:43:06

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Even on Reddit they are telling the Mods, who just disappear without an answer about this. I'm sure they will fix it but it would be nice for one of them to say they're working on it.

25-Feb-2019 23:09:15

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