Gargoyles do it well

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So why can't bosses? Gargoyles frequently put my spring cleaner to use, as they did prior to the update. Effectively, their drops have not been affected. All rune items have been substituted for salvage, which harbor the same alch values as the rune item(s) removed.

Why wasn't this implemented with bosses? Why not make stone spirits happen with a mining D&D, such as a ghost or spirit thanking us for releasing them from their rock prison? Why would enemies carry mystical ore doubling jars? I just recently learned nex, and am returning to gw2... so it's painful to see that all of my learning and hard work is paying off in the form of (arguably useless) stone spirits.

In your streams and Q&A you say you'll wait to do anything simply because you want the market to settle... why not just replace the rune items with salvage, just like you did with gargoyles? What barrier did you face? I legitimately want to know out of curiosity.

This is just one players' thoughts. What do you think?

22-Jan-2019 10:37:14

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Answer: They did. All armor and weapon drops up to and including rune were replaced with salvage (of roughly equivalent alch and dismantle value to what they replaced).

The issue is that many bosses and monsters also dropped large quantities of ores and bars, which were replaced with stone spirits, which wouldn't have a salvage equivalent since their value wasn't a result of alching or disassembling them but rather their use in training Smithing (whilst also being held up by the alch value of their products).

22-Jan-2019 12:59:05

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