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I want to offer a bit of a different perspective here. To me, the Elite Dungeons are almost quests in themselves -- they involved exploration, piecing together bits of lore to form a cohesive whole, and an inexperienced adventurer who wants us to help solve some problems for her. The "Black Crystal" narrative was almost like a miniquest in this regard. It makes perfect sense to tie an official storyline to this journey, especially now that the dungeons can be completed out of order. This quest joins the Ambassador's story with Hannibus's, Bryll's, and the Arc's storylines, and provides a satisfying conclusion to the whole, while still leaving the door open for more content.

This makes me wonder -- would this be an issue if it wasn't tied to a visible achievement? Does the inclusion of these story-driven areas aggravate players because it makes no sense for the quest storyline, or because of the increased difficulty in maintaining their capes? In my view, tying the Temple, Laboratory, and Reef to a quest is a brilliant idea. But then, I'm looking at this purely from a lore perspective, and allowing the actual difficulty to be secondary.

At the moment, I am struggling immensely to get this quest finished, having opted for a solo run of The Shadow Reef on normal mode to complete the quest. The Ambassador is creaming me. It's frustrating. And -- and I know that you're tired of hearing this, but I feel that it is a valid point -- if it weren't for story mode, I would sympathize more strongly. But take away 90% of this goomba's damage, and he becomes less harmful than the Sliske's Endgame fights for sure, while offering the same value to the quest's storyline.

If the only reason for this backlash is that the Quest Point Cape is more difficult to achieve, then I don't agree with the reasoning at all. Quests should be about the lore, first and foremost, and the Elite Dungeons are crucial elements to this story. Would the quest make any sense at all without them?

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Aria Ventus said:
For Nomad arguments: yes he was very hard pre eoc. Are you also saying there were no complaints and calls for him to be nerfed to make questing possible on day of release? This one’s no different but unlike Nomad, this time you got 9 bosses, not 1, to beat, hours of dungeons and hundreds of minions swarming you.

I think you might be missing the point of the Nomad argument. Yes, there was a huge backlash against his inclusion in the Nomad's Requiem quest, because he was so very difficult. I remember vividly the twenty or so deaths I endured to bring him down. The clone attack was a brutal game of RNG, his unavoidable "your maximum life points minus one" attack was (is, really) a serious waste of food, and the fact that his auto attacks hit like cars and couldn't be blocked by protection prayers made him one of the toughest bosses in the game at the time.

So I'm pretty sure the point people are trying to make here is that Story Mode Elite Dungeons are objectively far less difficult than the "original" Nomad fight (which, incidentally, is now much easier to win); nothing in the dungeon can hit for anything near the 99,000 damage that would be required for a Story Mode instant kill; Seiryu's dragon breath attack is capped at 1,000 damage or so; The Ambassador's spinning wheel of doom requires several seconds to come even close to killing the player; and the Black Stone Dragon's chain lightning is limited to 300 or so damage per tick. Compared with Nomad's Requiem (on release) and Nomad's Elegy (now), the challenge is significantly less. It just takes longer than the average quest (to which I would happily refer you to a number of quests and miniquests that I believe take longer) to complete.

Is it annoying? Potentially, depending on your style of gameplay. Is it the toughest combat challenge to complete any quest in the game? I really don't think so. I still don't see the issue here.

27-Feb-2019 16:46:07

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