Patch Notes - 26/03

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Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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The slayer counter thing should be in the game updates list. The only people who will ever know about this are the ones who read the patch notes thread. All 45 of us. Chances are nobody else will even accidentally click on it.

I'm sure I have missed thousands of updates this way.

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The 'perform emote' option on the Globetrotter shorts now performs the second emote on a medium emote clue if you have already performed the first emote.

Withdrawing items from hidey holes will no longer need you to have an extra inventory space more than required.>>>>> tyvm!!!! About time. Both we're annoying!!!

Also, ty for changing the hidey hole location, fc favorite list and the reaper tool tip! Great ninja fixes!!!!

26-Mar-2018 18:59:12

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Nice work Runescape team! Thanks for moving the Rimmington house portal hidey-hole, it was a bit of a bother to have the Circus Vender in the way. I love the fact that we can now buy slayer gems in packs, that will make certain things much faster. Really Really Really appreciate being able to save favourite friends chat names because sometimes remembering all of them gets confusing.

Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!

Why hasn't Mod Shauny visited the imp-in-the-box to get his picture taken yet? Just curious...

26-Mar-2018 20:18:43

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