Guthixian Butterflies

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Honestly, they've become so rare it'd be really easy not to even notice they're in game. I've spent at least 2 hours and found only 7 - and I'm actually looking for them while doing other things (including all the hidden eggs and the easter quest) - not straight up hunting them, but still. One of those despawned randomly before I could even catch it too (a white one, the only one I've seen). I don't know if being on a world with so few people means lower spawn rates or not, but regardless they're rather rare now - and they were incredibly common previously.

{edit} I ran around a bunch of different spawn points, trying to focus on the lesser travelled ones and those with convenient teleport locations and have managed to get them all done now. It's a chore and took a good chunk of an hour though - most areas had none, a fair few had 1-2, and 1 (rellekka) actually had 5 - presumably because no one had gone there for a while.

A few green ones I almost missed as they blend in with the background. Yellow seem to be far more common than green ones too tbh. White are definitely rarer, but I found a 2nd one in the end - and you only need 1 a day anyway.

Overall it's lower xp/hr than previous years due to taking far more time - time dedicated to specifically finding them as you find far too few just keeping an eye out for them doing other things to realistically hit your daily cap without straight up hunting for them for a while.

That said, more than anything it's the extra time it adds on to dailies that irks me - dailies take up too much of my available play time already (and I skip quite a few as is), now they're going to take up close to 100% of it during the work week for the duration of this event most likely.
I suppose on the upside I can at least try to get a bit of xp every 3minutes while hunting them to progress the other temporary event so that I can get that out of the way a little sooner.

@below: I had no luck with fally lode but didn't try north seers

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Got hotfixed today it seems - the butterfly pages on wiki have a reference link to Mod Shauny posting on twitter:

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#RSHotfix: Fixed some spawning logic that will now mean you should see Guthixan Butterflies that much more often

I haven't logged in yet but if there's a lot more now then hopefully it'll go far more smoothly today compared to yesterday at least.

Edit: since logged in and got all of them just while doing other dailies so definitely much better now.

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