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- Soul Wars XP rewards!

I have been playing Runescape since 2006 and before the EOC/RS3 updates Soul Wars was one of the best minigames in Runescape! Soul Wars brought the whole runescape community together, low level and high level, to an absolute all out war that combined combat and skills, so everybody could take part!

Also, one of the majorly good aspects of Runescape is creating a pure account that purely focuses on combat; whether it's free-to-play or pay-to-play, both are fun.
Soul Wars XP rewards would allow a whole range of new Runescape Pure Builds to be created which would bring a lot of fun to Runescape and would bring a lot of F2p Pures (which is a big community) into paying for membership to create their ideal combat account!

I know the Old School Runescape Jagex Moderators want Old School Runescape to have new things going on but in the essence of 'Old School RS' would you please consider holding a poll to see whether people want Soul Wars minigame???!??!?!?! PLEASE! It would bring a lot of my friends back for sure!
Olliebmate :)

13-Apr-2019 16:21:08

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