Comp Cape Design Update

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Nex is Life said:
Vabry said:
honestly I would love to see the boss requirements split up that way. its a joke that they think reaper is T1.. not everyone has a group willing to take and teach someone a very hard boss.

I'm not any good with bossing but seeing Solak on the list of bosses sorta crushed me into not wanting to continue trying to beat Telos. I assume this may be the same situation quite a few other players are in.

I have most other comp reqs done and use to own the comp cape in the past as well.
Your problem isn't group content.

It's being shit at PvM. If you could be all the solo bosses you could do group bosses too. Keep trying Telos, when you kill it - and it is a matter of when - try some group bosses.

thats very kind of you to offer to take everyone here to a solak kill, what time and date are you going to start taking people?

09-Apr-2019 04:33:01

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