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Subzero said:
Close your eyes and think about the worst Quests in the game - the ones that were tedious and boring.

Most players will think about old Quests; the ones which most people now hate doing.

says who?

oh wait, you and a couple people you know, whoop de doo

yeah coz WGS was rubbish, and monkey madness was crap, and mournings end part 2 was terrible?

no, they were fecking amazing quests

i still remember the days when every week i would think "i wonder what it is going to be this week, a new quest, a mini game, a new slayer monster, an agility course?"

every week

then we had patch notes once a month, and only 3 real updates

now they squeeze millions of £ out of their player base in MTX and we get a real update every month or 2, if we're lucky

the fact graphics are more complex now is not our fault, that was jagex's decision, and i personally still play the game on min graphics, as im one of those dying breed who plays games for game play lol - any extra work can be happily accommodated for by the MTX profits - as jagex's financial statements duly attest to

i know there will always be jagex apologists, just like there will always be flat earthers and holocaust deniers, its just part of life

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Rikornak said:

No it also doesn't count for good game design if you have some agility obstacle with a fail chance of something around 70 % like that chasm (or whatever it was) in the temple of light - there is a reason why this was fixed as well at some point.

yes, the reason was to accommodate modern gamers who have no idea about perseverance, who throw their dummy out of the pram after one or two tries at something. This is a bad thing, as psychology dictates that the harder something is to achieve, the larger the reward our brains provide us with for completing it, and the modern shit towards easy/no fail gaming means you never actually get any mental reward for winning

That alone doesn't make the quest bad, but this single decision manages to degrades the quest. Also solving puzzles, while under constant attack is... questionable

questionable in your opinion - a great game mechanic in the opinions of others

and before you cite the number of complains to the number of compliments, remember that people who like something dont feel the need to take time out of their gaming to come on the forum to say it, which means there is a massive negative bias in reporting, otherwise know as the vocal minority

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