Patch Notes 23/04

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Bowi said:
HMS said:
Bowi said:
HMS said:
Mod Shauny said:

When eating a spicy stew, you are more likely to get a positive stat boost and when you do, it will always be +2 to the stat

Nerfing old content just because, or because it devalues pulse cores awarded through MTX?

Huh? If anything this buff old content by makes stews more usable

"it will always be +2 to the stat"

Spicy stews used to have a chance of +5

I like to believe this is a typo and they mean 'at least +2', or they mean it stacks so you can climb your way to +6

Hey i just tested this. They mean +2 per spice. So now you always get a +6 if you used 3 spices of the same color on a stew.
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23-Apr-2018 12:17:14

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