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Draco Burnz said:
Tris Prior said:
NobleK said:

In answer to both of you, I think it might be under the 'Minigames' sub-tab under the 'Advetures' button...

Tried that...the tab says to talk to a circus barker to find the location. :@ Can y'all maybe put them back, please?


If the tab they're still here, then its probably best to readd them.

nah would be easier to change the text than readd npcs
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26-Apr-2018 18:22:35

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"Added some more post-quest rewards for completing Evil Dave's Big Day Out."

"You can reclaim Dave's spellbook and use it to "chip" certain teletabs using Evil Dave's unique "insight" in to teleportation"

The re-completion of Sliske's Endgame and unlocking the Cosmetic outfit from replaying the quest.

All these should be requirements for the Master Quest Cape surely? They're all quest and lore-based so I'm not seeing why they are absent from the list of requirements?
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