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Polaroid said:
soz paid for mine and I will use where I want and when I want, who are you to say where I can use my pets lol?

No you won't! Thanks Jagex for backhanding people like this guy. No one forced you to buy your drake. That was your mistake.

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I do not own a Drake and have never been bothered by them or any other pet. Being relatively new to the forum, (not new to the game) I am surprised to learn here how many people hate them.

My wife and son and I all have our own RS accounts and play regularly together in the game. One thing we always talk about is how cool it is during big events like Double XP weekend to go to popular places like the GE and see hundreds of people and all the many pets that people have. We really enjoy it. In fact it’s because of all the many pets that show up at events like these, that the three of us each bought a Legendary pet. I got the Saradomin Golem, my wife got the Reindeer and my son got the Drake. My wife was on a few nights ago at the Artisan workshop on world 70 and was commenting how it reminded her of double xp weekend at the GE and how much she enjoys seeing all the different pets. So naturally she summoned her Reindeer to participate as well. I think she will be surprised to hear from me tonight how mad this makes some players. I’m sure she never once thought of her pet as a source of anger. That would have never even crossed her mind.

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Glad to see you're happy with the fact Artisans Workshop is no longer a familiar zone, I'm locking this up now. :)

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