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A  Cole
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A  Cole

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I have to agree, this update is a step backwards in aesthetics.

I'm confused as to why the graphics have been updated, but it's still ergonomically awkward. Surely if any effort was going into this, it would have been worthwhile doing it properly?


11-Feb-2019 17:01:03

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its just another part of the game they are hacking apart and shoving back together to make rs mobile friendly, while apparently not realising they are making the main game shittier

11-Feb-2019 18:34:48



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I don't like the new interface too. It looks really blend/boring, I don't like the colouring and I find it awkward to use. Terrible update, I'd really like it to be reverted in some way.

The old interface had a really nice style to it, I really miss that now.

Even if you're trying to make it more mobile friendly you shouldn't make the main game suffer from it AND mobile friendly doesn't mean you can't have a nice style of interface like the old one had.

11-Feb-2019 19:10:58



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Yeah, looks absolutely awful. There's just a ton of empty space now where there was none before.

And removing stylistic elements? Why? Just looks generic, bland and boring now.

11-Feb-2019 19:29:03 - Last edited on 11-Feb-2019 19:29:45 by Xaphnir

Captain Jim
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Captain Jim

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Nex is Life said:
Looks like shit.

Also why take the shadow effects off the buttons?


and it's far too big and spread out
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11-Feb-2019 20:25:06

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