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on the most recent update, the "desperate times" quest

kerapac is not the bad guy in this new quest arc, hes the hero.

his plan is totally worth it.

no bargain with the elder gods could be trusted any more than an ant could trust a bargain made with a human, nor could we overcome them with force now they are awake

we have the world gate, there must be other worlds capable of hosting some life

we should relocate as much of the population of all species as possible, then aid Kerapac in his plan to end all life on gelinor for the greater good.

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Dilbert2001 said:
Lord Drakan said:
Dilbert2001 said:
It really depends on from what angle you look at Kerapace, much like Zaros.

To most creatures in the game, the Empty Lord is neither good nor bad (or ugly), also neither lawful or evil (or neutral). He only thinks about himself. He even used his sister and the life of his insane mother to try to become an Elder God. Zaros is a selfish god. Every creature including the Mahjarrats doesn't mean a thing to him.

In a similar sense, Kerapace is neither good or bad, or lawful or evil. However, unlike Zaros, he is not selfish. He does everything he thinks is good for the dragonkin, his own race which he thinks only matters.

Basically, Zaros doesn't have any allies other than his own faithful Mahjarrat and Kerapace doesn't have any allies other than his few remaining dragonkin.

Although Zaros is a real god and Kerapace is among the most powerful mortals in the Runescape Universe, they don't last long and eventually the fate of the Runescape Universe will be dependent on the fittest ones of its residents.

I agree on Kerapac, but how is Zaros selfish? He cares a great deal, for instance, about the Ilujanka, and (albeit most regretfully in my opinion) didn't smite Zamorak on the spot when he returned.

Zamorak told Zaros about his selfishness when Zaros was about to kill him. The fact that Zaros spared Zamorak's life indicated he admitted Zamorak's accusation silently.

Zaors is an NPC who only cares about himself. He abandoned his home planet and people in the 1st Age clearly showed it already. Of course, he needs tools and weapons, so he will still need to protect a few of his followers while they are still useful.

Sorry Dilbert but its quite obvious you spacebar through quests or simply havnt done them, as the facts (not you opinions, which you are entitled to) are wrong

21-May-2019 03:46:49

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