SGB + Quiver nerf?

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Nex†is†Life said:
Zparanoid said:
Nex†is†Life said:
Don't use T90/85 arrows then?

Strykebow is bad to use anyway because it's T85, you're always better off with a Vengeful kiteshield.

Good luck getting planted feet onto a vengeful kiteshield.
Put it on a Glaive like everyone else. Zparanoid said:
KijinSeija said:
Zparanoid said:
KijinSeija said:
You don't need quiver with a chargebow dumbass

You do if you want to use a strykebow switch, dumbass.

Thatís your choice if you want to switch to a noob weapon so thatís on you.

Best in game shieldbow, so hardly a noob item. An item with a specialised use, yeah, but certainly not a noob item.
Dragon Hasta in the best Hasta in the game, with a specialised use. Doesn't mean it's not a noob weapon.

An Ascension/Blightbound Crossbow with a T90 shield or defender is better in every way.

unless your the guy debuffing with black stone arrows at a group boss, in which case arrows are kinda hard to use with a crossbow lol

also, d hasta isnt the best hasta length 2h weapon in the game, scyth is.

you might as well say "bone spear is best bone weapon in the game so stryke bow is crap!" it makes no logical sense lol

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