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Stinkowing said:
Are you ever happy with what Jagex does anymore? I sincerely doubt it.

Why, because I keep suggesting Jagex to do certain changes? No game is ever perfect my friend, there's always room for improvement; some simply care more about improving the game than others. And just like in every day life, there are sometimes periods where there's a lot more positive going on than usual, and periods where there's a lot more negative going on than usual.

If Jagex gave all members the same maximum bank space for no extra cost, which they can do on the technical side or they wouldn't offer it in exchange for extra money, that'd be one thing I'd be happy about with Jagex.
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04-Feb-2019 14:48:13

Glic Esther
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How is it possible?! You got a forum thread linked to the front page news?! What sorcery is this?

(Also gtfo and do it right every news item, I don't have to care where you put the forum thread)

04-Feb-2019 16:25:19

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Seriously good upgrade, even if not everyone is a big fan of POF.
Serious, Part II: "Baby Shakes"??? You may want to rethink this one.

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Off My Rocker, Part II: Doubling Members' Bank spaces for free?!?

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So, the beans... Is this like a PoH butler kinda thing, where you pay the baby farmhands after x amount of them stopping the babies from growing up? Is this a continual thing on cycle? Like you pay them the beans after they stop baby 1 from growing up the first time, and then in the next cycle, you pay them again for stopping baby 1 from growing up again? Or will a baby that's been paid to not grow up be permanent? Does 1 farmhand cover all babies in the pen, or is it a maximum of 3? Clarifications on how the mechanics actually work, in precise detail, would be nice.
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04-Feb-2019 18:20:03

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Can you not fix the animal buyer problem instead???
There is really no need for this update if jagex can just fix the problem where buyers aren't showing up when needed. I am breeding animals faster than I can sell. I still have not seen the rabbit buyer in over two weeks! I can't even remember the last time the cow buyer showed up. All jagex can do is offer a buyer that'll buy up your animals for 10 percent of their worth?? And a barn costs 30k beans??

04-Feb-2019 18:29:47



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Can anyone tell me how i can see if an animal is in baby form through trades? I have traded a few and each time have been scammed because they tell me they are babys and turn out to be already grown.

04-Feb-2019 18:38:31

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